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Did you know one study we found surveying 42 worksites that provided wellness programs to their employees had reduced disability and worker’s compensation costs by 33.5%? Besides reducing the amount of workplace injury, having a wellness program implemented can save a company thousands of dollars throughout the year.

A 36 peer-review study of wellness programs in large firms found that average employer medical costs fell $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs and costs for days that employees were absent fell an average of $2.73. Similarly, there were 56 published studies of health promotion programs at organizations of all sizes that resulted in an overall reduction of about 25 percent in sick leave, health plan costs, workers compensation and disability costs.*

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“Liz was our trainer at Sonoma Wine Company for over 6 years. During that period she trained a wide variety of people from desk jockeys like myself to our facility and construction people. She positively impacted the health of each and every one of those folks in a professional and dedicated manner.”

– Dennis Carroll

Former President, Sonoma Wine Company